Darrah Danielle of Found FablesI create to re-member. Drawing from the intricate tapestry of stories, myth, fairytale, folklore and fable woven through me from centuries and beyond time, luminous and braided as sure as bundles of veins; I create to exist.


Through dreamlike imagery, I explore themes of feminine fragmentation, resilience and sovereignty, the relationship to animal other as familiar and self, and to the elements as ally, teacher and friend. I celebrate the cycles of life and the beauty that often emerges from within the midst of death, despair and decay.


All of my hand-made collages are offerings made from salvaged paper, aged wood, rusted metal, paint, cheesecloth, fabric and lace as well leaves, berries, ferns and flowers. I channel “fables” as part of a new emerging Song of the Earth and her inhabitants. Tales of shadow and light, wonder and possibility that I rarely, if ever, heard voiced as a child, though wish I had. Tales for dreaming awake.


Creatures real and imagined appear throughout my work as empathic allies and friends, often as the central figure. A four-legged or a winged one may also sometimes merge with the form of a woman, creating a mythical hybrid sort of “creatura” that sings songs, grieves, gathers flowers and adorns herself just as I might. An opening of the imagination to magical juxtapositions, intrinsic harmony and the alchemy of Oneness.


As I midwife each of my found fables into being, I am also giving birth to aspects of my Self. There comes a point when the characters begin to come alive and take on a identity of their own, and yet, they are all me, emanating from the lush wild within and revealing the secret flora and fauna found there; layered with personal symbolism, fragments of the delicate bones of my childhood and the topography of dreamtime. In that sense, each and every one of my pieces are self-portraits. I also hold them as petite shrines that invoke qualities that I wish to embody, elemental spirits that I wish to commune with more deeply or call in as guides.


Stories are medicine. It is my hope that the ones I channel bewitch and empower, often charged as they are with the universal language of symbols and, at best, an archetypal resonance.


I am devoted to cultivating ways of seeing and being that are intuitive and heart-centered. I believe in the power of radical creativity to heal and transform, and in the holy power of beauty to inspire us to find our own song and to use our voice in singing that song as if our life depended upon it, for indeed, it does.


Through these woven fables, I offer myself to you. May your soul find its way through the enchanted wood to the still small pond of Mystery and then bending down, drink of the sweet waters of remembering and become as a child again. Drink and, perhaps, if even for a fleeting moment, catch a glimpse of yourself in the mirror pool…innocent, wise, and free ~

Found Fables Collage Detail